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WMS Office Version 1.1.2
web management system

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Simple and convenient web based project management and time tracking tool for managing projects, setting tasks and monitoring performance.
Modern full-featured projects management system for small business.


Sales Management

Get your orders organized! Assign a project to your collaborators and let your clients see the progress of their work on their Dashboard.

Invoicing System

Projects management comes with Invoicing System so you can send Invoices via e-mail and get your invoices database updated automatically.

Create Estimates

Create and send detailed estimates and get to know the estimate status anytime. Once an Estimate is Accepted, you can Instantly convert them into Invoices.

Why busineses use IT consulting and outsourcing services?


Service portfolio

JB service offering integrates experience in business consulting experience with technological excellence. JB can simultaneously hear the actual business needs and provide matching technological solutions, communicating and coordinating other suppliers if necessary. Life of a modern enterprise is complicated. It must ensure not only its core business processes, but also a number of support processes, which are essential for the survival, such as management system: resources management, risk management, IT governance, etc. Can it afford best professionals in all areas? Most probably no, if it wants to make a profit. Can it afford poorly qualified labour? Probably no, as competition will not let it survive. Natural choice is specialization on the core business and using professional services outside it, as most successful enterprises do..

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  • Business consulting & solutions
  • IT security
  • Project management
Business consulting & solutions
Project management
IT security


Business requirement

Business consulting for your business needs.

IT governance

Increasing level of control over IT processes using best practices and appropriate standards.

Penetration testing

Perform security tests to assess level of protection against malicious attackers.

IT project management

Implement your IT projects based on your business needs and priorities.

Project assurance

Take back control over your IT projects. Know your actual status of your IT projects.

Document and workflow management

Replace the traditional paper based workflows with electronic document based and Increase control over workflows.

Issue tracking solution

Improve control over issue management, while keeping track of communication with the customer.

Quick support team

Communicate clearly to your IT suppliers.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Be Happy Stay Happy.